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If you build it they will come - How to fix population growth in SA

The latest NAB business report has reported record business confidence in the SA economy on the back of State and Federal commitments for jobs for many years ahead, you can take a look at the report here.

The 2027 Adelaide envisaged is one of a bigger city, with 2 million people and a $130 billion economy. There is an increase in jobs by 57,000 on current levels according to the Deloitte report released last year.

Adelaide Engineering Recruitment Alex Jeffries

One of the major issues the state of South Australia has faced, and is facing still, is a lack of population growth which has been documented in a number of articles over the last few months, particularly youth population growth with so many young people heading off to the Eastern states and Overseas to get experience in their chosen career fields. These young people will be the future business leaders, future new business owners and operators, and recently with the explosion of major project work across the country, it makes it a hard draw card to get people to come back to a city that has been slow to adapt to change, over the last few months, there has been a lot of welcome change announced however.

Under a new government, we are starting to see signs of this. I was delighted to hear of the Airport expansion announcement where Adelaide is starting to put in place proper infrastructure to enable growth of the City, along with the creation of jobs both in Construction and ongoing Operations at the Terminal.

The building blocks are slowly coming into place, where Adelaide can finally confirm itself as being so much more than a "big country town". By investing in the fundamentals of what a large city has like Airports, Roads, Mass Transit and Landmark buildings, you keep talented future leaders and entrepreneurs in the state, which in my opinion can only be a good thing.

Here at EGM we are seeing a number of industries flourishing particularly in the Engineering, Infrastructure, Power and Building Industry, and are seeing a real shortage of skilled people in these areas. We have helped a number of candidates from both Interstate and Overseas find opportunities to relocate to Adelaide.

If you are interested in discussing opportunities across the Engineering and Construction Industry, and have a genuine interest in moving to one of the best parts of the country, feel free to give me a call on 0406553740. Take a look at what the great state of South Australia has to offer in my other blogs here.

"Coming from an Engineering background has allowed me to gain trust and respect from customers in the industry."

Alex Jeffries

Principal Consultant

EGM Executive Search and Recruitment

+61 406 553 740

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