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HR  Consulting

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Virtual Rpo

Organisational Development


Change is the one constant facing organisations today.


Whether it’s a result of downsizing, restructure, merger or acquisition, divestment, office relocation, or a multitude of other business drivers, change affects the careers of everyone within the organisation and has a major impact on of the people within your business.


Change can be stressful for people within the business and have a huge effect on your company culture and more importantly EVP. The way that your business handles change can not only have legal consequences on your organisation but huge reputational ones.


Your people are your biggest asset and it is just as important to treat them well for the whole journey.

At EGM we offer:

  • Attraction and Selection Strategy

  • EVP Development

  • Engagement and culture development

  • Employee engagement surveys

  • Recruitment Best Practice Reviews

  • HR Reviews and Audits

  • Training of Staff and Managers

  • Employee Onboarding and Orientation

  • Retention and Outplacement

  • Executive Training

  • Executive 360 Appraisals

  • Industrial Relations

  • Performance Development and Remuneration

  • Psychometric Testing

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Virtual RPO and Internal Recruitment

  • Virtual HR Manager Services



Our HR Consulting Division helps your business and people succeed together. Our team of HR specialists provide tailored solutions to help you identify, attract, develop and retain your people

Executive Search and interim management


Board Search, Executive Search and Interim.


Recruitment and contracting

Tailored Permanent Recruitment Solutions

HR COnsulting

RPO and OD

Outplacement, Training, RPO and HR Consulting

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