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8 Steps to Create a Culture of Carefrontation:

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Carefrontation is having a tough conversation about something important with someone you care about.

If you want people to be honest, you cannot walk them to the door for speaking their minds.

A truly great team culture embraces carefrontation.

It’s about caring more about the relationship than being right.

This is where it is OK for people to disagree or challenge opinions and ideas.

If the tone of your culture is set correctly, you’ll encourage this carefrontation because everyone in your team will care deeply about the betterment of each other and the team.

If your culture is built around promoting individuals in a heavily driven KPI environment which focuses more on results than ethics (see How Objectives Driven Unintended Consequences) you’ll never achieve it. All too often, the most toxic employees in your organisation aren't the ones who actually quit.

8 Steps to Create a Culture of Carefrontation:

Start Today

There is no time like the present. Just like any lifestyle change – planning it and putting it off until tomorrow does no good.

Make it OK to not be OK

Make it OK for people to leave your organisation, make it ok for people to give negative feedback. If people are not happy – don’t try to drown their concerns…talk about them.

Hire the Best People (Based on Cultural Fit)

If you’re looking to have a great culture you have to start from the core. Your people are at the center of your culture – they will dictate how your organisation interacts with internal and external customers. If you don’t get this right you’re running up hill. On ice. With Leather Soles.

Throw out the bad eggs (especially if they are in leadership positions)

Don’t just look down the chain. The character of every individual drives your culture.

Lead – Don’t Manage

People love being dictated to…said no one ever (apart from obvious figures in history). Having good leaders will enable you to get a great culture.

Inclusion, Autonomy and Accountability

Let your people be involved in creating the culture of carefrontation, get consent and let people run with it. The follow this up by creating a culture of accountability.

Do As I Do – Not as I say

Lead from the front. Having one rule for your people and one for yourself won’t get you anywhere.

Encourage Carefrontation

When you spot a moment to practice carefrontation, do it. When you see someone doing the same, support it. The more it happens the more it becomes habit.

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