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Adelaide Sails into the Future of Work (in Pole Position)

Australia’s new fleet of warships will be built in Adelaide along with its very own supercar thanks to the family of one our former F1 world champions.

The Brabham BT62 will be manufactured and assembled in northern Adelaide, in a recently acquired facility less than 1km from the old GM Holden plant.

The South Australian organisation will look to use the best existing local and international automotive knowledge.

With an estimated cost of $1.82 million a car, the Brabham BT62 will draw upon Adelaide's skilled high end produciton capabilities.

In other news BAE Systems’ big frigate bid is now official. The programme, estimated to be worth A$35 billion over a 30-year period, is part of an overall spending package of A$200 billion that has been set aside by the government to upgrade our military capability.

The announcement strengthens military ties between the Australia and UK as the contract to build has been awarded to BAE Systems. Production will, start in 2020 and the first ships will be in service towards the end of the 2020s.

The good news is that the contract is expected to bring 4,000 jobs to the Australian economy; with 1,500 being created in Adelaide. Hopefully there will be many spin-offs which will benefit South Australia.

More importantly, these are ‘future facing jobs.’

The aim is to build the most technologically advanced ships ever. The sheer size of the programme means it will have a huge impact on maritime design and engineering. Advanced manufacturing and the technologies of the future will be used. Leading edge skills will be brought to the South Australian economy.

Malcom Turnbull said that ‘this is creating an advanced manufacturing technology ecosystem in South Australia and it will form a vital foundation in efforts to create more highly paid jobs and economic growth.’

Turnbull went on to say that this will make Adelaide ‘the centre of naval shipbuilding and the World.’

At EGM, we think this is fantastic news. As ever, we’re backing Adelaide.

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