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Our 30 Favourite Business and Self Help Books

Wow, we recently realized we have over 100 blogs on our web site at EGM. We hope you’ve read them all (only joking….).

And as regular bloggers, we’re also avid readers.

We even have a bookcase in our new office. It's kind of like a library for our team to read self-help and self-develop. We also buy the odd audio book for the reluctant readers!

So, here are our top 30 – the ones we’re likely to refer to for blog ideas - and to help understand the world of business, leadership, staff engagement and development.

We hope you find the list interesting and inspiring.

We would absolutely love to hear about the books on your own lists – and in your own bookcases...

Thank you.

The Team at EGM.

(PS there are links that can take you to the apple store to buy if you're stuck for some reading over the Christmas break)

The ‘A’ List

A compelling discussion of the future, the role of technology and how work and life will change. Harari has written two other great books (‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’) but 21 Lessons is our favourite.

Simon Sinek is a great speaker with some excellent videos on YouTube. Sinek’s most famous book is ‘Start With Why,’ but we’ve always preferred the two books by him in our list. ‘Leaders Eat Last’ is full of stories about the emotional aspects of leadership and gets top marks.

A second choice from Simon Sinek. ‘The ‘Infinite Game’ is refreshing as it describes a totally different philosophy on how to run a business; that is, by looking long-term. The principles and framework described are compelling.

Marcus Buckingham uses extensive research to back up the findings he writes about in his books. ‘9 Lies’ challenges common HR practices and beliefs. A great read if you’re ‘on the same page’ as the author about the worth of these practices. Lots of common sense.

Wow, we’ve just got used to Jordan Petersons ‘12 Rules for Life; .when we hear he is bringing out a new book describing the next 12 rules. Controversial and a difficult read at times, but who can disagree with rules like ‘set you own house in precise order, before you criticize the world?’

Great in depth look at the Elon Musk story. How Musk constantly overcame obstacles and challenges to get where he is today. Highlights the power of determination - brilliant insights into business generally.

Brene Brown has become a star in the emotional leadership arena in recent years. This book explores leadership - the importance of empathy, vulnerability and the signals we send. Great read based on extensive research.

A detailed account of how much bureaucracy is costing organizations – including, the ridiculous extent of self-imposed rules. The authors show how to remove bureaucracy and move to a new business model. A book all executives would benefit from reading.

A compelling story of how Chapman takes over an ailing US company and turns it around by transforming the culture. The book is discussed at length in ‘Leaders Eat Last’ by Simon Sinek. Chapmans book has become a market leader on culture change.

The first book we read on the ‘future of work’ topic. Clear descriptions of why the future of work will be different and the factors that will drive change.

The ‘Not so Far Behind’ List

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