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Finding your next Role - Job Boards and Agencies

Updated: Feb 6

Job Boards

Job boards can be a valuable tool for finding your next role. They’re also a good source of information about salary levels and other employment data. They can also provide feedback about what it’s like to work at your target companies:

  1. Ask the question: is the platform relevant to the skills and experience you have and the kind of role you’re looking for?

  2. Set up job alerts – emails will be sent automatically when a role is uploaded that matches your criteria.

  3. If the name of the agency or hiring manager are given – send a follow up email or LinkedIn message if you apply through the jobs board.

  4. If the name of the company is given, check to see if the role is advertised on their web site. It may be better to apply directly on the company site.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies play an imperative part in present day recruitment space. Organisations regularly outsource their recruitment needs to a particular agency who will then take care of things such as shortlisting, interviewing, and reference checking.

Fundamentally, established agencies will find exactly what a candidate is looking for and will do everything conceivable to match them with the ideal position:

  1. Use recruitment agencies with staff who speak knowledgeably, are responsive and you trust to act in your best interests.

  2. Use recruitment agents who have specialist experience in the sectors you are looking in.

  3. Seek out agents who have placed candidates in companies you’d be interested in working for – ask for success stories to prove they have the contacts and networks.

  4. Don’t use agencies who speculatively send your cv to companies – no-one benefits if your CV is received by the hiring manager from two different sources.

  5. Use agencies who can fully answer the questions you have about roles – this shows that the agency has been well briefed by their client and they have a strong working relationship with them.

We hope these tips are useful and look forward to providing a brilliant, responsive service to you if you choose to use us in your job search.

At EGM we send our very best wishes to all candidates who will be looking for roles in 2024.

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