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Embracing Authenticity: The Fusion of Marketing, Strategy, HR, and Employee Relations in a Values-Dr

EGM Partners: Let’s Build Better Companies.

This blog inspired by a great discussion with a great friend on the weekend about the power of authenticity and difference between being genuine versus virtue signalling.

It's really important to know that smart people (your customers) will look at every organisation and ask questions like: why are they here, what are they trying to achieve, how are they looking to do this, what impact do they make beyond numbers, what impact do they have on my community and those I care about, where do they invest their profits (ie how do I benefit from them). Like you, we can aslo smell bs a mile a way.

Introduction: In our recent discussions, we've explored the vital role that sales plays in any organisation. It's no secret that performance and results are the backbone of success in the business arena. But it goes beyond mere numbers. To attract top talent and build a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP), organisations must strive for authenticity and ensure their actions align with their purpose, strategy, values, and, most importantly, reality. In a world where causes and values hold significant weight, genuine authenticity becomes a critical factor.

The Power of Being Real: Authenticity is like a secret ingredient that adds flavour and uniqueness to an organisation's identity. It means staying true to yourself, both in and out of the workplace. Merely jumping on popular trends or causes for the sake of appearances won't cut it. Genuine authenticity requires consistent alignment with your beliefs and values, translating them into meaningful actions.

Let's consider an example: a company that sports rainbow logos during Pride Month but lacks LGBTQI+ employees and struggles to foster inclusivity in its culture. In such cases, it's more crucial to invest in comprehensive diversity and inclusion initiatives, ensuring that authenticity extends beyond surface-level gestures. Similarly, promoting female empowerment without addressing instances of female bullying or harassment undermines authenticity.

Embracing Authenticity at EGM: Without sounding like a flog I'm sharing our purpose at EGM (because I know it best).

We're driven by ambitious goals:

  1. Helping Build Better Companies.

  2. Helping People be the Best Versions of Themselves (inside and outside of work).

  3. Being For the Advancement and Betterment of South Australia.

These goals are “infinite goals” - they transcend time and signify an ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement as well as a realness to acknowledge we’re not perfect.

To bring these aspirations to life, we embrace three core values: curiosity, courage, and authenticity.

Authenticity acts as the cornerstone, unifying our endeavours. It requires unwavering commitment to our core identity, demonstrating genuine conduct, and ensuring consistency between our words and actions.

Tips for Embracing Your True Self: When developing an EVP strategy or crafting marketing communications, keeping authenticity at the forefront is essential.

Consider these practical tips:

  • Be True, Not Performative: Express your genuine beliefs and values without resorting to empty gestures aimed at appearing morally superior or seeking social approval. Authenticity is all about sincerity and genuine commitment, not superficial posturing.

  • Embrace Your Authentic Identity: Embody your true beliefs and values, avoiding pretence. Authenticity stems from staying faithful to your inner convictions.

  • Align Inside and Out: Ensure that your organisation's outward image aligns with its internal reality. Authenticity demands consistency and coherence between your professed values and actual practices.

  • Make a Lasting Impact: Don't chase temporary appearances. Authenticity fosters genuine connections, builds trust, and creates enduring positive impacts.

Conclusion: In a world where values hold tremendous significance, authenticity emerges as a key driver of organisational success. It sets apart genuinely authentic organisations from those who merely pay lip service to popular causes.

By embracing authenticity, aligning our actions with our values, and fostering genuine connections, organisations can attract top talent, gain the trust of customers, and make a lasting and meaningful impact.

Let us wholeheartedly embrace authenticity as we navigate the values-driven world, propelling our organisations toward success.

Let’s Build Better Companies.

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