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An Open Letter to a Listening Leader

Dear Boss,

You've mentioned how your door is always open, how you're always open to feedback and how you're a fan of "innovation". Well, I've jotted down a few ideas:

People first.

  • ‘Development can help great people do even better – but if I had a dollar to spend, I’d spend 70 cents getting the right person in the door.’ (1)

  • Hiring is the most aspect of any business. (2)

  • No dispute.

  • Not vision, mission, strategy, planning – but people.

  • ‘Based on research with CEOs and investors, more than 50% of business success is attributable to talent.

  • Execution is the next most important factor, at just 20%.

  • Things like strategy are pretty trivial. (3)

It’s the people who generate the growth and profits. It’s the people that matter – individuals.

  • People - in an age where virtually all economic values comes from intellectual capital – obviously talent is all there is.

  • We don’t make money out of steel mills and shipbuilding anymore. It’s the design, the innovation, the service, the experience that creates the value. So, it’s not too much of a stretch to say – talent is all there is – period.’ (4)

Think about it:

  • You can’t build an A-Star company with C-Star talent.

  • If your company isn’t winning in your industry, you’ll likely have weaknesses in your hiring. (5)

So, think hard and honest:

  • How do you rate your hiring skills?

  • Are you a hiring professional?

  • Are you an assiduous student of all that goes on in effective hiring?

  • How many courses have you attended exclusively on hiring?

  • We take it you’re right up to date with developments in hiring?

  • And if not, what are you going to do about it? This is your job – the most important aspect of any business – it can’t be left to those who don’t give it 200%.

This is serious stuff….

  • If, as stated above, hiring is the most important aspect of business and business is what you do then ‘hiring excellence’ deserves your undivided attention.

  • Company goal number 1 – hire great people – 100% of jobs – if not, why not

  • Reflect – and translate into action NOW.

Stop getting it wrong

  • ‘One of the painful truths of hiring is this. It’s hard to see people for who they really are. One CEO firing someone by saying: ‘look, I hired your cv. But unfortunately, what I got was you.’ (6)

  • Stop spending time dealing with your hiring mistakes.

Please remember

  • ‘To create great cultures for tomorrow that can deliver startling innovation on a regular basis and distinct fulfilling customer experiences, one needs to emphasis far more than technical skills – more than even superb technical skills - in the hiring process.’ (7)

  • ‘I’ve made several hiring decisions in the past where I’ve valued intellect over heart and I think that was a mistake. It matters if someone is a good person.’ (Elon Musk)

Great words in hiring – 2021

  • Listening

  • Empathy

  • Team Player

  • Culture fit

  • Interested

  • Common Sense

  • Service Orientated

  • Courteous

  • Courageous

  • Authentic

  • Curious

  • Aligned Values

  • Look out for colleagues. (8)

Need more convincing?

  • ‘I think the most important job of them all is hiring.’ (Steve Jobs)

  • ‘We invest in people who are really talented. Just hire really talented people.’ (Mark Zuckerberg)

  • ‘What made Microsoft, Microsoft wasn’t our software – what made Microsoft, Microsoft it was our hiring.’ (Bill Gates)

  • ‘The trick is you hire great people, great actors and actresses – then you get out of their way.’ (Woody Allen)

Anyway, hope this helps...oh also if we could think about getting a coffee machine that would also be awesome - the current instant granules make us all sad.


Andy Employee

EGM – Building Better Companies

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