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"You Can't Always Get What You Want"

Part 2 – (Money) Can’t buy me love

It may now be the most important…but it’s not the be all and end all…


The Staffing Trends Report is the first time Remuneration has been a clear winner indicating that although Culture may eat strategy for breakfast, the best talent are more concerned with having the time to enjoy eating breakfast an upmarket trendy café.

Flexibility and work life balance

The talented workforce isn’t stupid. The reason compensation is key is because many people are being over worked and underpaid. This is why work-life balance is key. People want to be remunerated fairly for the work they do. Burning the midnight oil is becoming less fashionable and the top talent won’t buy into it.

Furthermore, companies need to start getting with the real world. There’s no place for sexism and racist but there’s a clear gap here that needs to be fixed. Companies that don’t fix this will miss out.

If your business is, unfortunately, like the national average where female salaries are 9.6% less than men, then fix it before it’s too late. A PwC report indicated how female millennials seek employers with a strong record on diversity and equality. The next generation of talent have access to more data than the last. Their playing fields are more even and the best will chose companies that align with their own values. Discrimination is not cool.

So here it is: a recipe to attract the top talent from 2015:

"Pay well. Be Flexible, offer work life balance, have a great culture, don’t discriminate and be cool."

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