EGM Partners is excited to be partnering with SA Water on the appointment of the following 3 critical positions in the Sustainable Infrastructure team located at Tarntanyangga/ Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia.

The Sustainable Infrastructure team are responsible for maximising value for our customers and the community through the development of innovative and optimised infrastructure plans and their efficient and effective delivery. This team plans, builds, manages, and maintains all, of our water and sewerage assets across the state and business.

SA Water

Owned by the South Australian Government, SA Water manages water services for the entire state of South Australia and over 1.7 million customers. They provide safe, clean drinking water and once this water has been used, they remove the waste and treat it to ensure the best outcomes for your health and the environment.

VISIT www.sawater.com.au


Yasmine Johnson

EGM Partners, Executive Search

"We're excited to continue our partnership with SA Water on these 3 key roles"