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Seymour College is looking for a Director of Finance and Operations to provide overall management of the delivery of effective corporate services which at Seymour College includes finance, property, ICT and the hospitality portfolios.

You will be a suitably qualified, collaborative strategic, senior finance and operations executive who, in partnership with the Principal, articulates a clear vision and direction for the Corporate Services Department. 

Seymour College

Seymour College is one of Australia’s leading day and boarding schools.

The vision at Seymour is to develop women of strength, optimism and justice, confident for the future and ready to take on the world. This is achieved by uncovering the passions of every individual girl and inspiring them in their learning to ensure that they grow with every experience to become confident, driven, passionate and community minded young women.


Seymour strives to give girls the best education to allow their leadership and other strengths to flourish. It is always GIRLS FIRST at Seymour College.



Yasmine Johnson

EGM Partners, Executive Search

"This is a key appointment, close to my heart, which will help Seymour College achieve its goals in meeting the needs of girls; their focus is girls, their learning, their wellbeing, their needs and activities."