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Reconciliation Week - Beyond Just 7 Days

Next week I become an Australian Citizen.

Reconciliation Week is such an important time for me. Although I am not originally from these lands I feel extremely lucky to call where I live with my family, the original lands of the Kuarna people - Adelaide, my home.

The customs and traditions of the indigenous people in South Australia are part of what makes the place wonderful – a place I feel honoured to now live. My daughters are aware of Indigenous Australian culture and thoroughly enjoyed sharing Ngarrindjeri culture recently listening to stories and supporting Major Sumner's Tal Kin Jeri dance group.

I can't wait to attend the AFL Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round where the Adelaide Crows take on GWS to honour and celebrate Indigenous Australian players and culture (and hopefully see a Crows win). This year however, we're taking reconciliation week beyond just 7 days.

The Australian Institue of Company Directors recently reported on case studies looking at Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs). They set out how an organisation will build relationships with and opportunities for Indigenous Australians with the business. They deal with the progress businesses have made in terms of procurement from and employment, retention and cultural awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

According to the 2015 RAP Impact Measurement Report, 658 Australian organisations have produced a RAP since 2006. This has led to a $77.7 million investment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education scholarships. Additionally, $32.6 million in goods and services were bought from Indigenous businesses in the 2014–15 financial year through the RAP program.

“If you’re a director of an organisation that doesn’t have a RAP you need to ask why."

"This is an issue that has been important for many years. It’s all the more important now as a community and business issue. It’s essential for every organisation to make an appropriate contribution to reconciliation." - Chris Schulz, a partner with law firm Allens and a member of its national RAP committee.

One area we focus on at EGM is fairness, equality and inclusion in the workplace. Working in recruitment we see the positive impacts that diverse and culturally inclusive workforces have on organisations. Unfortunately, we also see examples of where organisations are not brave enough to take the lead or “be the change they wish to see in the world” to quote Ghandi.

Our promise last year was to BE that change - to do something to make organisations listen so that the number of brilliant indigenous employees with our clients rises...that’s where real reconciliation starts. It’s about creating an ongoing framework to include and engage fairly in your organisation.

We decided that, at EGM, not only can we help but we have a duty to make employers aware of brilliant indigenous talent.

It is always easy to do nothing which is why EGM Recruitment has partnered with an Indigenous training organization to create indijobs - we make the process of finding brilliant indigenous talent too easy for organizations to ignore.

indijobs is an initiative to help organisations engage with and recruit brilliant Indigenous Australian talent to their workforce. The programmes are designed in consultation with the Indigenous community to ensure the training meets their specific needs.

The indijobs initiative is focused on delivering Corporate competencies that Indigenous Australians recognise are:

  • Culturally Inclusive

  • Culturally Responsive

  • Culturally Safe

  • Culturally Secure

By following these steps mitigates risk to ensure that we get the right match and skill set with the right client. This will assist in increasing the indigenous workforce/intake/staff.

Organisations must start creating an action plan to include and engage with to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples so they are respected and have the same life opportunities as other Australians. What is your organization doing? Is it working?

If you'd like to know more about how we can help your organisation please get in touch today.

indijobs - Mark Johnson EGM and Ngarrindjeri culture

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