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We’re Backing Adelaide – and the Deloitte Plan for Adelaide 2027

Deloitte has released the last report in their ‘Make it Adelaide’ series.

Make it adelaide - EGM

In ‘Make it a Plan Adelaide’ they set out a series of initiatives designed to transform the city by 2027. The report follows six-months consultation with government, business and community groups and concludes that there is ‘a big future for the city.’

The 2027 Adelaide envisaged is one of a bigger city, with 2 million people and a $130 billion economy. There is an increase in jobs by 57,000 on current levels.

The plan details 25 opportunities, split into three sections: ‘Our City, Our Suburbs and Region and Our State and Government policy.’ Notable initiatives include: the universities as ‘ideas factories,’ investment in digital infrastructure, using digital government to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, development of the airport complex and a renewed branding strategy for the City.

Deloitte set an optimistic tone and believe the plan is achievable. To make it all happen there has to be a strong lead from the private sector (i.e. not leaving everything to government) and, critically, a growth in population.

The plan contrasts with an article titled ‘Adelaide, a tale of two cities’ published in ‘InDaily.’ Malcolm King says that:

‘Adelaide's growth is being hobbled by regressive organisational systems, brain drain, recruitment bias and the creation of false media realities.’

Yes, a lot of the recruitment practices carried out here are (for want of a better word) "dated". Nepotism, poor practice, smoke and mirrors are not recipes for success! However we are on the cusp of some great changes in Adelaide. More on this next week...

At EGM, we can only speak as we find.

We’ve now been running our recruitment business for three-years, operating now from our office in Central Adelaide. We find Adelaide an excellent place to do business; not a small ‘country town’ but a thriving city of 1.7 million people. The $100 billion economy is also hardly small.

The quality of life is first-class. We meet and work with people of the highest calibre. We’ve built good links with the local universities and community groups and are ready to play our part in the future development of Adelaide.

We’re not surprised that the 500 people who gave their views as part of the report ‘spoke of their passionate belief in South Australia’ and agree that:

‘It’s time for strong leadership from the private sector to invest in South Australia and transform our economy, while making good returns.’

At EGM, we’re backing Adelaide.

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