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Lead a not-for-profit through an exciting time...EGM looks for a CEO for scosa

EGM Partners: Executive Search is currently working with scosa to secure a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead and deliver the next growth stage for the organization in Adelaide, South Australia.

The disability services is going through a period of change. The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a 'game changer' for people with disabilities and, as a result, also signifies a huge opportunity for scosa. The NDIS means that organsiations such as scosa have the opportunity to change their service delivery model to deliver a better service to its customers and take the company into a new period of growth.

If you want to enjoy going to work every day, feeling proud that your contribution positively impacts the lives of others, then please get in touch today.

Click here for more details on this great South Australian role role - get in touch today!

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