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Technical Lead


Opex Consulting is a dynamic company speaking to the here-and-now needs of the financial services industry. Headquartered in Adelaide, the business has a purpose of transforming the sector. Their major focus is around leveraging technology but importantly incorporating quality advice & business process solutions.

Following the recent successful launch of ‘iff’ (Informed Financial Future), Opex Consulting is continuing to press ahead with its ambition to expand both locally and abroad. 


The Technical Lead will firstly be responsible for building out and leading the current development team, with staff members being based both local and remote. The role will also include further development and support, as their flagship product 'iff', continues to evolve.

This is a fantastic opportunity for senior technical leader, with ambitions to grow into a CTO-type of role, to join an exciting Fin-Tech that is headquartered in South Australia.

For more information, please reach out to Liam McBean from EGM Partners at to have a further conversation.

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