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Haigh's Chocolates has been synonymous with fine chocolates since 1915 and we are very proud to be the oldest family-owned chocolate manufacturing retailer in Australia. We employ over 800 people across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and ACT in 26 locations incorporating retail stores, manufacturing and distribution facilities and corporate support office. Driven by a mix of tradition from over 108 years of history and innovation to develop fine artisan chocolates, Haigh's is committed to achieving excellence in our field to continue to delight generations of chocolate lovers.

Reporting to the General Manager (Finance & Technology), the Head of Technology is a newly created position with strategic and operational accountability for Infrastructure, Networks, Cybersecurity and Information Management. 

As the Head of Technology, you will manage an IT team to efficiently support Haigh’s with business enabling technologies and services. You will ensure that technology support, cyber security, data services and project delivery functions work in a cohesive manner and remain focused on the overall customer experience.

Brett Hughes

Associate Director, Technology & Digital

EGM Partners

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