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Funds SA

Brett Hughes at EGM Partners: Technology and Digital is thrilled to be partnering with Funds SA to recruit 2 key roles:

About Funds SA

Funds SA is a South Australian Government corporation that invests and manages over AUD$42 billion on behalf of South Australian public-sector superannuation funds and approved public authorities. The function of Funds SA is to invest these funds to achieve the highest return on investment possible while having proper regard for the need to maintain the risks relating to investments and the need for liquidity in the funds.
Funds SA is a collaborative, innovative, and professional organisation with a primary aim to build prosperity for South Australians through global market access utilising our investment expertise, international markets and manager of managers approach. 

Funds SA prides itself on strong leadership driving a value led, supportive culture, focused on providing opportunities to learn, grow, and work with some great people, while having real impact for South Australians.  


Brett Hughes

Manager, Technology & Digital

"It's an exciting time to join Funds SA"

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