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Energy Market Modeling & Simulation Software

Energy solutions across the Electric Power,
Gas and Renewable markets

EGM Partners Executive Search and Recruitment is excited to partner with Energy Exemplar to recruit 3 key positions in their Adelaide office.

        Financial Accountant - Payroll & Corporate

        Senior Energy Market Analyst (Data)

        Energy Analyst (or Senior)

Do you want to impact the decisions informing the world’s energy supply?

We help our customers make better choices and that makes a positive impact on our local, regional and global communities. The more successful we are, the greater the prosperity for all. That includes the health of people and the planet.

We’re looking for highly motivated individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team members are analytical and intellectually curious. They don’t stop at an answer; they continue looking for the answer.

We’re highly knowledgeable in our areas of expertise and respect and consider what our colleagues have to say. This is a highly collaborative environment where all contributions are valued. We care about our work and one another.

Does this sound like an environment you’d like to work in?


Learn more about our company culture by clicking here.

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